GVS is the best known trading brand in Austria. With Silbervorsorge (DE) and SOOS GmbH, an alliance for precious metals was founded. This alliance is called GVS Bullion Group. With its versatile and customized services, the GVS Bullion Group achieved success on the European markets.



Independent news is the basic prerequisite for developing an informed opinion, especially in this day and age. The GVS news agency ensures that this service is available to all citizens. Five hundred thousand views per month confirms this demand.


Gold Standard Institute-Logo

The Gold Standard Institute, through GVS, is committed to establishing gold as the foundation of the monetary system. Modern currencies and other paper-based value systems prevent citizens from maintaining their purchasing power. Inflation is the preferred policy of our time. GVS and the Gold Standard Institute are building a shield against it.


The Perth Mint-Logo

The world's largest producer of gold and silver is the Perth Mint. As an official partner, GVS distributes the innovative products of the Perth Mint, which are well known and popular among investors worldwide. For a cross-continental supply, the cooperation with GVS is essential here.


Royal Mint-Logo

The British mint is the oldest manufacturer in the world with 1100 years of history. The Britannia is an investment classic of the highest quality standards, whose motif first appeared on a coin over 2000 years ago. GVS is tasked with increasing the Britannia's popularity around the world.


Rand Refinery-Logo

The Krugerrand is the world's best-known bullion coin and has made gold popular among private investors. For over 100 years, manufacturer Rand Refinery has enriched the precious metals industry through sustainable value creation and strategic partnerships. In pinpoint coordination, GVS brings the Krugerrand in gold and silver to investors around the world.


Royal Canadian Mint-Logo

Royal Canadian Mint produces the safest bullion coins in the world. Gold and silver Maple Leaf represent the highest level of security and purity, which we provide first-hand to our customers.



Argor Heraeus has held a key position in the precious metals value chain since 1951. GVS has helped Argor's premium investment bars of gold, silver, platinum and palladium achieve the highest level of recognition among investors in Europe.



The globally active technology company has made a name for itself in the precious metals industry through recycling and investment trading. GVS has a long-standing friendship with Heraeus, which is expressed in the successful marketing of the precious metal bars of the same name.


Münze Österreich-Logo

The Austrian Mint is known worldwide for first-class processing of precious metals and production of coins. The Vienna Philharmonic in gold and silver has been the world's best-selling bullion coin several times and is equally popular among GVS customers.



Valcambi has been refining precious metals at the highest level since 1961. GVS became aware of the traditional Swiss company through the production of its innovative table bars. Valcambi table bars allow physical investors an even more flexible denomination and today form an essential addition to our product range.


New Zealand Mint-Logo

New Zealand Mint has achieved a high degree of recognition through the production of popular collector coins made of gold and silver. As an official partner, GVS is helping to make new customers aware of precious metals as a way to protect their value.



The Berufsverband deutscher Müzfachhandels E.V. is the most important coin association in Europe. GVS has been a registered member for over 10 years.



Wertheim has specialized in the manufacture of high security safes since 1852. These many years of experience enable the production of the highest quality safe systems. GVS has been using Wertheim safes of the highest security classes since the beginning of the company's history and supports Wertheim in their technical development.


Heimerle und Meule-Logo

Heimerle + Meule has been supporting GVS in precious metal recycling for many years. In doing so, we have always been able to rely on highly professional metal account management. This good cooperation enables us to further push the purchase of scrap gold in Central Europe.



As a professional cash and valuables transporter, LOOMIS has become the market leader in Austria and around the world. Together with GVS, LOOMIS supplies numerous international trading hubs with investment precious metals. GVS has already cooperated with its predecessor Via Mat Management AG more than 10 years ago.



Malca-Amit provides GVS and its warehouse customers with a global team of experts that includes professionals in logistics, security, customs clearance and special operations.



UPS' rise to become the world's largest package delivery company reflects the history of modern transportation and international trade. Every day, UPS delivers over 100 GVS packages to private households.



The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber has been supporting our growth and security with professional information and consulting services since the company was founded in 2003.



The widest possible reach for job advertisements is essential for the expansion and maintenance of our corporate activities. GVS succeeds in actively addressing relevant target groups via


Arche Noah-Logo

Together with the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia and Geiger Edelmetalle AG, GVS distributes these beautiful bullion coins, whose motif is strongly rooted in European history.



Brinks has established a strong market position through world-leading safe solutions and cash-in-transit services. Brink's makes a significant contribution to the stability of our international network of high-security warehouses.


OndiSolutions Webdesign and IT Vienna

Together with our IT partner, we are constantly optimising our internal systems and developing our websites and online shops further.

Thomas Bachheimer is the Chief Economist of GVS

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The financial expert and chief economist of GVS Group Thomas Bachheimer has moved to Dubai. The background of his emigration is purely economic. In an interview with PANGAEA, he also explains why an investment in gold is more worthwhile than in real estate.

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