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Cash, bank transfer, or card. All payment methods are possible and we also accept all currencies. Cash payments are possible in the branches during opening hours.

The shopping cart (top right) takes you to the end of the ordering process. There you can set the desired payment method. Please take your card limit into account. For details please contact your bank. There are no transfer fees for domestic transfers = SEPA.

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GVS is a global leader in high security storage. If you already have a storage number, you will be asked to specify it before checkout. A new storage contract can also be opened at any time. Silver, Platinum and Palladium can also be stored in a duty-free warehouse. In this case, your purchase is exempt of VAT.

GVS emphasizes "True Security". Therefore, we do not use simple lockers but purpose-built safes of the highest safety class. Your data will therefore not appear in a locker register either. Watch our video for more information on this topic .